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The Magical Candy Box - RED

The Magical Candy Box - RED

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Wonderful all-around production prop that works ALL BY ITSELF! If you can put the cover on the pan, you can do the trick! And this is perfect for smaller hands! The handle is easy to grip! Of course it is great for ANY magician- the square shape makes it easy to handle with no fumbling or fussing!

Couldn't be easier!!

Here's how it goes: show the box empty. Cover the box, then instantly remove the cover again- and your item has appeared! You can produce so many different things: a pile of candy, small prizes, spring flowers- even dog treats! The items you produce are up to you!

This Candy Box (also called the Magic Candy Pan) is built with a quick-release mechanism that works smoothly and easily.
Made of heavy plastic, it's an economical way to easily add that WOW factor to your show!

Here's what you'll get:
- Magic Candy Box
- Printed Instructions

You provide the item to be produced. Box is about 3" high and 4.5" wide on each side. Inside load pan is about 2" deep and 4" wide on each side. Made of heavyweight plastic.

Performance Ideas:
Pour a small amount of sugar into the pan. Cover the pan, then lift the cover off- the pan is filled with candy! This is a really popular trick for birthday parties!

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