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Super Steel Ball & Tube Trick

Super Steel Ball & Tube Trick

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Wonderful spectator participation effect, The classic Steel Ball and Tube effect- kicked up a notch!

You hold one tube, while your spectator holds the other.
Place the steel ball on top of your tube- the ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube.
However, on your command, the ball slowly sinks down into the tube.
Now on your command the ball slowly rises back to the top of the tube!
Now place the ball on top of your spectator's tube.
Of course, the ball stays ON TOP of his tube- it won’t fit inside.
Place the ball back on your tube and "invisibly" send it over to your spectator.
The ball is "invisible"- you can't see it on top of his tube, of course!
But when he tosses the ball back to you "invisibly"- PRESTO!
The steel ball instantly and visibly appears on top of your tube.

* Have lots of fun with this set!
* Make the ball appear, vanish, and reappear as many times as you want.
* You can even use just the one tube and do the classic Steel Ball and Tube effect!

Here's what you'll get:
- Double Brass Tube and Ball trick (two tubes and one ball)
- Printed instructions

And that's all you need!
The metal tubes are about 3" long.
The metal ball is about 1/2" diameter.

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