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Snowstorm Snowflakes - Set of 10

Snowstorm Snowflakes - Set of 10

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MilesMagic Snowstorm Magic Trick White (Pack of 10)


The magician wets a small paper handkerchief by immerging it in a glass of water, then wrings it out and holds it in his closed fist.
Magically, by simply waving a fan near it the wet paper transforms into a beautiful snowfall of paper confetti that fills the stage.

Material: Paper
Size: 3.4cm*2.4cm*1cm
Color: white
Package Include: 10 pcs*snowflakes paper

Tear apart the paper, then soak the paper in water.
Magically, they become dry and fly into the air!
Snowflake paper, is an essential tool for every magician
It can make magic become more exciting, more fantastic

Suitable for all kinds of magic occasion, the sky snow fallen flowers, powerful magic effect
Performer blowing the ball of paper gently with a fan. Then some of the scraps of paper fly from the hands out, as fans amplitude increases, filled the snow has cropped up, great, full of hundreds of paper snowflakes entire audience, like winter snow true The arrival of the same. Snows paper is a traditional Chinese magic, whenever climax, can win applause from the any audience. In this special props can achieve this effect.

Magic features:
1. Easy to learn, the effect classic
2. The technique is simple, the effect is luxury

• 10 pieces per package.
• A classic effect for stage performances.

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