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Shrinking Safety Pin

Shrinking Safety Pin

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An examined Safety Pin is made to shrink to a small fraction of its original size, then stretched back to normal. It can then be handed over for examination.

We supply you two identical Safety Pins (these appear regular in all respects, but have been specially made in stainless steel, and plated brass for this effect) and a special gimmick to create the illusion of the Shrinking Pin.

Remove the safety pins from your pocket, and place both before a spectator. Have the spectator examine both the pins, and confirm they are both the same length. Tell him you are going to perform a "Do as I Do" type of effect, and ask him to hand you either of the two pins (no force), while he attempts to duplicate your action with the pin selected by him.

Take the pin he offers you, and push the ends, and the pin shrinks, bit by bit, becoming smaller and smaller. The spectator's pin stays the same.

Finally say you will stretch your safety pin back to its original size. Stretch it and toss the safety pin for examination.

You can also present this as a close up effect without a participating spectator. In this case you leave the second pin on the table for comparison of length as you go through the shrinking routine.

Easy to do, and a very effective item you can carry in your pocket, ready to use any time, any place. Supplied with illustrated instructions.
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