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Rope Escape Magic Trick

Rope Escape Magic Trick

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Rope Escape Routines are magician’s Favorite for many decades!

This is another one, in & out Rope Escape Routine Simple and Easy to perform without any big setup.

Perform it on Stage Parlor or Party Show suitable for any platform.

You can learn this killer comedy routine in just few minutes …

You have two people tie your wrists together with a piece of rope and to everyone's surprise you are able to get in and out of the tight knots in seconds!

The routine is explained in easy to learn step-by-step instructions by Tony Clark. It's perfect for anyone looking for a solid time tested five minute comedy routine.

Bonus: In addition you’ll also very powerful knife thru coat that can be done as the finale of the In & Out escape routine. The audience will be blown away when they see a real dinner knife go right through the back of a person's jacket and then magically is restored to its original condition.

These two routines are a great way to add audience participation and comedy to your act! The best part is that they both pack flat and play big! Perfect for Street Magic, Strolling, Stand Up, and Stage Shows.

Comes With Thick Red Rope And Teaching Video Cd

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