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Regalia WHITE Edition Deck by Shin Lim

Regalia WHITE Edition Deck by Shin Lim

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World premiere here are the Regalia White by Shin Lim!

"Regalia is a symbol of excellence, prestige and innovation: when the audience observes every single golden card, it will know that it is about to see something spectacular, each card made from the best crushed linen paper found in Belgium. the gold foil was developed and produced internally according to the most rigorous standards of Cartamundi.

And now the case: it is a revolutionary two-layer box, characterized by a luxurious charm and a double layer protection for the cards. Covered with a raised golden plate, this case is in perfect harmony with prestigious cards.

"And this is definitely not the way I speak in real life, but I just wanted to write something nice for advertising! This really is an incredible deck of cards, they feel great in the hands and yes, the Lighthouse mixes perfectly. I present the Regalia Playing Cards, printed by Cartamundi, designed by Nick Vlow, and produced by myself. "- Shin Lim

• Cards are in poker format.
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