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Pen Through Any Paper

Pen Through Any Paper

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This is a perfect penetration magic ball pen with an amazing secret gimmick
It looks like an ordinary ball pen, and it really can be used to write
The performance is simple and easy to do

The ball pen head is attached to the pen body by magnet
Total Length: Approx. 17 cm (6.69 inches)

First show the ball pen and a dollar bill. (You can also borrow paper money from the audience)
Then put the cap on the pen body & show the pen head, at the same time press the cap to make the magnetic pen head come out of the barrel
Then show the ball pen to penetrate the bill. (The key point is making sure the audience can't see you put the ball pen head under the bill)
Magically remove the ball pen from the bill leaving no holes
Hand both the ball pen and bill out for total examination

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