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Newspaper Tear Restore Magic Trick

Newspaper Tear Restore Magic Trick

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Many performers consider it the most amazing restoration ! Highly Recommended!

Newspaper Restoration is always favorite trick for magicians all over the world. this is new improved effect of Classic Paper tear.

A magical mystery that plays well in a stand-up or stage environment, even up close. You will enjoy watching this performance, as well as explanation and you will do well to add his "signature effect" to your own performance repertoire.

Effect: The magician holds up a sheet of newsprint and shows both sides to demonstrate that it is real and not one of those collapsible rubber fake newspaper sheets that you hear about. The magician then proceeds to tear the paper into little pieces. The little pieces are smashed together and then opened as a whole newspaper once again. The restored newspaper is then properly recycled.

This is wonderful effect with much more improved on original one.

Comes complete With 2 prepared sets of Newspaper and Online Video Instruction.
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