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National GREEN Deck

National GREEN Deck

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A new take on the new standard. The Green National Deck produced by Theory 11 and designed in collaboration with Harold Apples, no detail was overlooked on this ultra-intricate beautiful deck of premium playing cards. You will not find a more perfect deck of cards for magic, cardistry or poker. Letterpressed by Studio on Fire in St. Paul, both the tuck case and the playing cards are made in the USA using FSC-certified paper.

Every aspect of the National deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards are filled with vibrant, colorful illustrations inspired by mystery and the pursuit of power. Perfect for simple card flourishes—such as the Charlier Cut, Riffle Shuffle, Thumb Fan and Lindholm. Clearly even more complex maneuvers will look equally amazing using this deck as well. Enjoy!
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