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Moving Hole (Matrix Card) - Blue

Moving Hole (Matrix Card) - Blue

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Now the classic Moving Coin Effect is with playing cards.

The Matrix card effect is one of the best and highly visual Magic Trick best for you. This is specially made easy to perform gimmick.

Imagine you ask the spectator to select a card randomly. Take their selected card and with a hole punch, you hole their selected card in 4 corners In-front of them no strange moves, you put their card on deck back and put puncher back in the pocket.

Now take and show their card back with 4 holes No optical or other illusions, they are real

Let the show begin...
Show one, two, three, and four holes...

Now put your left-hand finger on one hole to move it slowly towards another hole magically punched hole actually moves. This looks so impossible.

Now go for the next hole put your finger on another hole and move it towards the corner where two holes are present. Now they become 3 holes in one corner and one hole in one corner.

Finally, move the 4th hole towards the other three.

In full view, the hole re-materializes next to the others!
It's mind-blowing, yet true, NO BLACK ART or anything comparable. The card is still held between your two fingers! Show it up very close... Your spectators will be able to see that the holes are very real and that they are all now grouped in the same corner!

At the end, you again slowly move each hole to their original position and finally, handover spectators have chosen card for inspection with 4 holes on it.

Comes ready-made bicycle blue back gimmick with with a basic handling teaching video.
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