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Misled Pencil

Misled Pencil

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> Product Trick Description:

MAGIC EFFECT 1: Preparation:before performing first iron sleeve sheathed on the pencil.
1.1 first to give viewers a pencil and a piece of money ,show pencil when should pay attention to ,set in the pencil button position in hand to let the audience see.
1.2 fold,fold to one side of one side ,narrow narrow side width is about 2.8CM
1.3 pencil,with the pen point is inserted into the folded bill are central ,then pull out the pencil ,and the iron suit at bill folio,and thumb with exposed iron sets do not let the audience see,iron sleeve is long by wide side of the banknote into,(performing this action at the same time,to the audience saying:I will use this pencil through here).
1.4 in the performance of the process,we are always let the audience see banknotes of the wide side,and narrow side at our own.
1.5 then begin the real show,will the pencil is inserted into the iron sleeve ,the insertion process to narrow side note at the sleeve and the pencil intermediate.pencil inserting depth is just and bill bills together,can not exceed the money ,let the audience looks like a pencil is inserted into the pencil on the stack after the central.
1.6 then by below consummate rapping a pencil head,in the point of view of the audience like the pen to penetrate the same bill.
1.7 then a hand holding a pencil and iron sets at the junction of the position,on the other hand the money I lift a piece of middleware,to give the audience a pierced.
1.8 bill stood up by hand and a pencil and iron set of junction,the pencil drawn down fast ,it feels like a pencil bill is broken.

MAGIC EFFECT 2: Preparation:iron set will move to the edge of the yellow pencil rubber place position.
2.1 first,prize money which a pair of diagonal folding.
2.2 the pencil into folio money (now say to the audience:wait to see pencil will this note row into two.
2.3 took the pen's side will take a pencil into the audience check,pulled out of the pen and the iron set of stay in money and according to the thumb.
2.4 from the audience back to the pencil and from the outside of the money into iron set inside,insert from his side after you can directly see pencil from one side of the audience look like a pen into the fold after the money is the same.
2.5 with a pencil in the money folding place do pull according to the action,then slowly let pen and props stroke out ,like a pen of money as cut off.
2.6 then put intact bill to the audience check,the iron set of homeopathy slip into hands,the pencil to audience check,finally will iron set dropped into a pocket or in a method of dealing with off.

Length: 185mm
Package: 1*pencil & 1*introduction

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