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Mirrorize Card Magic Trick

Mirrorize Card Magic Trick

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Easy to do mindreading trick that fits in your pocket!

This is the easiest and effect pocket card trick, Almost self-working, Ready to perform, no setup required.

Effect – Magician starts wih 10 cards he mixes cards at random, even spectators can shuffle cards as many times as they want.
Now you deal cards in two piles 5 cards each and ask the spectator to choose anyone. Both you and the spectator takes cards on back and if want shuffle it again. Now you take the card from your set and the spectator does the same. Then Exchange your card with spectators without seeing the face. and place it back reverse in your set. The spectator will do the same. now both bring cards to the front. Amazingly the reversed card in both sets matches 100% and when other cards flipped over. they are found a mirror on its face.

No Other card is printed in these 10 cards. Works 100% every time, Very easy to perform.

Comes ready set with a teaching video.
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