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Mental Prediction Epic Slate

Mental Prediction Epic Slate

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MilesMagic Close-Up Mental Effect Slate (Pocket Size)

You show a small slate that is divided into six sections. The upper three are covered with three removable covers. You uncover the upper three sections to show that all is fair and nothing is pre-written.

You make your first prediction in the upper section and then cover it. One spectator is asked to make an imaginary travel to any country. The answer is written below your prediction. This is repeated twice more with the second thinking of his favorite dish and the last taking a playing card from a deck. You can use different questions for this effect.

Finally when you uncover the predictions, they are found to be absolutely correct. Three perfect matches!

Comes in its own box with instructions
Small enough to carry in your pocket or purse
Measures about 3.5” x 6”
Easy Mental Magic

Note : Use your Own White Colored Pencil.

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