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Living Mummy Finger

Living Mummy Finger

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What You Need:
- Small gift box with lid
- Cotton
- Baby or face powder

This is an old effect, so old that it is new to a whole new generation.

The performer shows a small box labeled Mummy Finger, stating this is a souvenir he purchased on his last trip to Egypt.
The box is opened to display a finger resting on a pad of cotton. A spectator is invited to touch the finger, and it wiggles, producing a gasp or a laugh.

We supply the special Mummy Finger box, very nicely produced by offset printing. It is the size of a matchbox, with the decorated cover, and a plastic tray, to give you a longer lasting and sturdier prop than the traditional cardboard models. A novel gag item, at a very low price.

Cut a small hole big enough for your finger to fit through in the bottom of a box.
Fill the box with cotton so your friends won’t see the hole when the box is open.
Poke your finger through the hole in the bottom of the box, and lay it on the cotton.
Put the lid on the box, and tell your friends you have a mummy finger in the box.
Take off the lid and reveal the mummified finger to your friends.
Wiggle your finger slightly and act surprised. Maybe it is coming back to life!
If you want to look even more convincing, dust your finger with powder to make it look old.

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