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Jumping Frog (Tricky Paddle)

Jumping Frog (Tricky Paddle)

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This is our personal favorite. The classic Jumping Gems effect, using cute frogs (obviously they jump !), and a routine you can elaborate for as long as you like without boring your audience.

This uses two paddles, (and requires you to handle both for the paddle move, one in each hand). It starts with a frog on both sides of both paddles. Then one of the frogs jumps to the other paddle, then another, so all four frogs are on one paddle, and the other is blank.

Then they jump back, one at a time, so you have a frog again on both sides of each paddle. Finally, make one frog jump over,- you have a frog on one paddle, three on the other, and you can hand over the paddles for examination!

The full-color design on blue paddles.

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