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Jumbo Quick Switch Plus

Jumbo Quick Switch Plus

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Seven special Jumbo Cards, and you can perform a number of different tricks with them, using some or all of the cards.
With each set are supplied detailed instructions for the following effects.

Jumbo Quick Switch : Three similar Cards, (say 5H) and an odd "wild" card, (say an AS) are shown. Instantly, they change to three AS and one 5H. Finally, the last 5H turns to a AS, as well.

Jumbo Wild Cards : Performer displays four identical cards and one odd card. As each of the four identical cards is rubbed with the odd card, it changes to the odd Card. Finally all the identical cards have magically transformed to the odd Card.

Jumbo Reverso : You show a packet of four cards out of which three are same and one is different. The different card along with one similar card is placed in a spectator's pocket. Now the different card is removed from pocket and placed with the two similar ones in the hand. You turn over the different card so its back is seen. Then a snap of fingers and you show that its face has changed to match the other two similar cards. The spectator removes card from his pocket. It is the different card.

Passe Passe Cards : Two cards placed under two handkerchiefs change places

Birds of a Feather : Two pairs of different cards are placed under 2 handkerchiefs. A card transposes from each pair, so the similar cards come together.

A Game Of Chance : Spectator fails to guess which of two cards is in your hand, and which one is behind your back.

Comes Complete with jumbo size cards and instruction sheet.

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