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Jimmy Fallon Deck

Jimmy Fallon Deck

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Premium playing cards produced in collaboration with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Since 1954, the Tonight Show has been an example of quality entertainment on American television. Jimmy Fallon playing cards are a homage for the show, which has been entertaining audiences of all ages. They are breathtaking, gorgeous, elegant and intricate.

Every design aspect here was inspired by the Tonight Show: from the architecture of the New-York Skyline to Studio 6B and Jimmy Fallon himself. Similar to the latest theory11 releases, not only the backs were meticulously illustrated, but the faces of the cards as well. In addition to custom Ace of Spades and Jokers, court cards have their own distinct design. Matte box is sealed with official NBC emblem featuring initials of the host - JF.

Jimmy Fallon decks were printed by The United States Playing Card Company, using FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates.
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