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Griff on Cards by Tony Griffith - Book

Griff on Cards by Tony Griffith - Book

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Griff on Cards by Tony Griffith - Book

The Introduction says it all! "What do we gain by using the absolute minimum of sleights, and substituting instead set-up decks, feke cards and subtle routining? First we can put nearly all our concentration on the presentation of the trick.... Secondly, we do not have to worry about angles; the audience can be as close as they like, but will see no ' funny moves.'

"In this book you will find some card routines to suit most tastes in intimate card magic. All these effects are commercial and have been thoroughly audience-tested. They have all been devised by the blending together of ideas acquired from various sources over the last ten years in magic."

Treat yourself to some real-world material and order your copy today!


- The Si Stebbins Set Up
The Telephone Card Mystery
A Question Of Coincidence
A Cup Full Of Thoughts
Blindfold Pocket Pull Out
A Demonstration Of How To Win At Poker
Out Of This World
An Improved Version Of The Card Index System
Ideas For The Card Index System
On The Forehead
The The Mark Of The Reader

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