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Floating Match Stick On Card

Floating Match Stick On Card

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Blow your spectator's away with this!!

This is a must for any magician
Everyone is fascinated with the ability to make objects float. Well with this amazing trick you can do just that!
Probably one of the easiest trick in magic.

Description: Absolutely no set-up is needed. This is an amazing pocket illusion that looks like REAL MAGIC.

Just ask a spectator to borrow a match (or other small lightweight object.) Next, remove a playing card from your pocket.The match is then placed on the card and the audience is told to 'concentrate'.Slowly,the match begins to RISE OFF THE SURFACE OF THE CARD!! The match continues to rise until is floating nearly an inch above the card.The audience will be completely amazed as this is done RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!!Another playing card can even be passed underneath the match to prove there is nothing supporting it.At the conclusion,the match descends back to surface of the card. AMAZING!

Instructions & Full Details Included, practice well before demonstration!

- Great magic. A great classic.
- Self working and totally baffling.
- Actual brand of card back may vary.
- If you want to do magic like David Blaine, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, then this is the trick for you.
- It may not make you a Houdini, but you can perform this illusion in almost any setting, parlor, close up or even walk around for the strolling or street magician.

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