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Finger Fire Flames

Finger Fire Flames

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Tricks with fire have an unusual appeal of their own. A magician who produces fire from his bare hands, somehow seems more dramatic and spectacular than one producing a Ball or Silk because of the dangerous nature. One of the several fire tricks which can be used as a novel touch in your act is the 'Flames at Finger Tips' effect.

The performer passes his fingers through a Candle flame one at a time and the tip of the fingers catch fire and burn with a large flame, as if they were Candles. The effect is made possible by the use of a special Metal Gimmick which fits on your fingers. As with any fire trick requires handling care and precaution, and is not suitable for minors, or absolute beginners. Used properly, it adds a very dramatic effect in your show.
For example, as a touch, you could simply pick up the fire from a Candle on your table, transferring the flame to your finger tip, and use your flaming finger to light a Cigarette. Flames At Finger Tips Gimmicks use ordinary Petrol or liquid Lighter fluid, and are supplied as a set of four Gimmicks, (one for each finger of either hand) and come to you complete with instructions.

- Fingertips On Fire X 1 Set (4-fingers)
- Paper Instruction X 1
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