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Ferrous Coin Vanishing Device

Ferrous Coin Vanishing Device

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This gimmick allows you to make a ferrous coin vanish in your hand. Very incredible!

A black disc with a springback line inside
Diameter of The Disc: Approx. 1 1/4 inch (3.2cm)
Length of The Line: Approx. 21 inch (53.34cm)
A hook on it for hanging on the buckle
A small magnet used for sucking the ferrous coin
Rubber skin wrapping the magnet makes noise lower
Suitable for Iron coins

During the magic show,the magician’s thinking,action and speech are very important. By integrating them seamlessly,he can complete a wonderful show successfully,which brings him a greatly successful sense and brings audiences a beautiful sense of miracle,worship and happiness. please practice it again and again. Then you will get closer to the title of “Great Magician” and you will become the focus among people and idol of your friend.

The coin given by an audience can magically disappear in the performer’s hand,but the disappeared coin will immediately get back.

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