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Ever Filling Glass

Ever Filling Glass

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Performer shows a transparent glass full of liquid such as Milk, Coke etc. He drinks from it, till the glass is almost empty. The glass is placed behind his back, or under his coat for a moment, and is seen to be full of liquid once again. This can be repeated as often as desired.

You can use this special glass in any liquid effect, to show a glass full of liquid or empty, as desired. A strong magical effect is of the glass filling itself visibly. For example, it can be used in conjunction with a prop like the Wonder Glass, where the liquid visibly diminishes from one glass, and visibly appears in the other, some distance away.

Our model of the Ever Filling Glass has a simple but clever "lock" fitted which greatly enhances the effect. This enables you to display a glass full of Milk, resting on your table or on clear view at the start. You pick it up and perform your effect. Then replace the glass on the table again full, or empty, as you wish.

A comedy prop, great for Clown Acts, MCs, Kid show performers, and anyone performing magic with a touch of humor.

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