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Crazy Card Booklet by Christopher Gustin - Book

Crazy Card Booklet by Christopher Gustin - Book

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Crazy Card Booklet by Christopher Gustin - Magic Trick Book

Having a spectator pick a card from a Blue deck, sign it and return it...nothing new? WAIT! You find their card, but there's no signature. You tell them, "I can fix that." You then wipe the signature back onto the face of the card, followed by letting them know you just cheated. You now show the back of the signed and selected card. In plain view at your fingertips, the back of the card changes from Blue to Red. You now perform a ribbon spread showing that all the cards in the deck are only one color- Blue- all but their signed card!

Includes a 10 page, fully illustrated instruction booklet detailing the routine step by step.

- Over 40 Illustrated photos
- Performance tips
- Performance rights
- Leaves your spectator with their selected and signed card to keep as a souvenir
- Leaves you with a reusable deck
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