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Classic Mouth Coils - RED

Classic Mouth Coils - RED

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Classic Mouth Coils RED Magic Trick

Produce a long Red paper streamer from your mouth! It's so easy- and it looks amazing!

These Streamer Coils enable you to produce a long Red Colored chain of paper from your mouth, hand, or any production prop.

The Streamer produced is a visually effective applause getter, which can stretch right across a small stage, or right into the middle of your audience.

You'll get one package containing 12 individual coils. The coils are not reusable.

Performance Ideas:
If you do a "sponge balls from the mouth" routine, add a coil to your mouth at the end of the routine, instead of a final sponge. Your audience will be expecting a sponge, and instead, it looks like the sponge magically transformed into a giant paper streamer.

Pull the coil from your mouth, or pull it from inside a rubber chicken, a rubber dove, or a spring puppet.

Even though the coil is not reusable, you can still find it useful after you've produced it. If you pull the streamer from your mouth and let it pile up on your table on top of something you need to steal, it's simply a matter of picking up the paper coil pile with the object safely hidden in it.

The coiled streamer also makes a great ending to a series of items produced from a production box. Show the box empty, pull out some silks and other items, then finally pull out the coil- starting with just the tip of the streamer followed by yards and yards of colorful paper- from nowhere!

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