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Classic Mouth Coils - White

Classic Mouth Coils - White

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MilesMagic Classic Mouth Coils (WHITE)

These Mouth Coils enable you to produce a long ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or a production prop. The item is an ancient one, but as popular today as it was more than 200 years ago (Prof. Hoffman's More Magic published in 1889 refers to this as an ancient trick!). It is an entertaining and mystifying production, very easy to do, and very amusing to watch.

The ribbon produced is a visually effective applause getter, which can stretch right across a stage, or right into the middle of your audience. A popular presentation is to produce the ribbon in a large heap, which is then gathered and used as cover to produce a dove, or some other items from a body load.

We supply you a dozen of the specially prepared Coils, and each Coil can be used once, to produce one long paper ribbon.

You can pretend to eat a tissue napkin from a box of napkins, tearing off pieces and "chewing" them, then produce the long ribbon for the climax. You could produce the ribbon from your mouth as a climax to any other suitable trick. For example, if you are doing a production of Eggs from the mouth, or Balls from the mouth, at the finish of the trick, you could load the ribbon coil in your mouth as you produce the last Egg or Ball. Finally you produce the ribbon for the climax.

You could also produce the ribbon from some other place. The Coil can be easily palmed, and introduced into a production prop or it could have been previously loaded there. For example, you could hold the Coil inside a Silk, or behind a playing Card, and produce the ribbon from that. Or borrow a currency note or bill, and coil it around the ribbon coil, then produce the ribbon from the tube formed by the bill.

Comes In Classic White Color or Green Color, instruction included.

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