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Casino Royal Flush Magic Trick

Casino Royal Flush Magic Trick

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CASINO ROYAL FLUSH: A masterpiece of card trick is available now.

Magician displays Four of “10” cards and one Joker.

Now one of “10” cards is flipped over and placed back into the packet.

When magician makes magical gesture towards the packet.. WOW!! The remaining facing-up “10” cards are now facing down.

Then, magician makes another gesture towards “Joker”…

In the next moment, “Joker” changes into “Ace of Spades”.

Finally, one more magical gesture is made with “Ace of Spades” towards facing-down cards….

Hmmm... all cards changes into all different cards?? … Oh, Wait!!! It's a combination of "Royal Flush" now.

- No Extra Cards used
- No special count techniques are required
- Made with Jumbo Sized Cards, perfect for close-up to parlor sized show.

NOTE: Comes with Blue Back Jumbo size cards. and printed instruction sheet.
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