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Card through Coaster Boards

Card through Coaster Boards

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A playing card is displayed, and sandwiched between two coasters or boards.

The boards are tapped and the card penetrates right through. The boards are separated to display the card sandwiched between them is no longer there, - it is the same card that penetrated through.

Instead of using playing cards, you could also use shimmed coins (coins with a steel shim which are attracted by a magnet) or coins that are magnetic to perform a coin penetration through the boards. The Indian coins currently in circulation are all magnetic, and suitable for use with this.

The apparatus we supply you for this effect is comprised of two special Coasters or Boards, and two shimmed Bicycle Cards that appear absolutely regular in all respect including thickness. You could force a card from a regular Bicycle deck, and it appears you are performing the effect with a freely selected card.

Complete instructions disclosed with gimmick.
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