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Bicycle Rider Back (BLUE) Deck

Bicycle Rider Back (BLUE) Deck

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This is the world's most familiar and popular cards. The famous Rider Back Design in red and blue. We have all probably played with this card and know that it is a very solid and reliable card. More people use this card than any other in the world. It is made by the US Playing Card Company and this card is plastic coated to ensure a long life. A favorite of card players and magicians for over 100 years, Bicycle playing cards have long been known as the gold standard

This card is poker size and does come with two jokers.

The decks are Brand New, still wrapped in plastic, and purchased directly from the manufacturer.

The strength and flexibility of the card stock, as well as the smoothness of the Air Cushion finish, makes Bicycle cards an ideal choice for all card games and magic tricks.
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