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Adair’s Mouse Animation

Adair’s Mouse Animation

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This is an imitation fur mouse, accompanied by a 24 page booklet for manipulating it by Ian Adair titled “Mouse Animation, the Tom Harris Way“.

The amateur magician will probably put the book on his bookshelf, and produce the mouse fromome production prop, to draw a scream or two from the ladies in the audience.

The more seasoned performer who knows what entertainment is all about will read the book, and put in some hours of practice, and have an unforgettable assistant with a unique and lovable character for his act that will be long remembered, when many more elaborate tricks are forgotten.

Regardless of the category you fall under, you will find this a worthwhile addition to your “magic bag”.

You will like this prop for its potential of effects and the impact it has on audience. And surely you will use it often with numerous imaginative ideas you can use it with. You can perform in any condition without practicing any skills.
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